Business Advisors

Extensive Experience in Business Consulting

We have extensive experience in business consulting in the areas of cost control, cash management, internal control, corporate and partnership taxes, and choices of legal entities.

The rapid change in our business environment has encouraged us to embrace an attitude of constantly educating ourselves in the areas of security, technology, marketing, and substantiation of records. Our sources of education in these areas are both from formal training and from observing the efforts of business people - like you. The result is that we are able to apply technical expertise in a pratical sense and pass on ideas to you that we have learned, used, and observed.

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Success Story: Pricing Jobs

John*, a general contractor, wasn't getting along with his in-house accountant but didn't have the expertise to train a replacement. He also didn't know how to analyze the break even point for his sales volume and the necessary markup for labor, materials, and overhead. Within six months, we helped train a new accountant, set up budgets, and created worksheets for estimating jobs.

Success Story: Improving Profitability

Jim* had two retail businesses operating under one corporate name. We divided the record keeping function in to profit centers and learned that losses from one division consistently offset profits in the other. By selling one division, he now takes home a better salary while doing less work.

Success Story: Cash Flow

Don*, a physician, and his wife bought a practice. The agreement included annual payments for the purchase plus a large salary for the retiring doctor. By assuming a "partnership" attitude, we discovered that the purchase agreement created an impossible cash flow crisis for the buyer the first two years. We helped Don and his wife obtain the bank financing necessary to smooth out their cash flow.

Success Story: Identifying Potential Risk

Mary* sold consumable products. Analyzing her gross profit on a monthly basis, we discovered an unexplained and significant decline in profits. Further investigation exposed the source of the loss - a deliberate siphoning off of funds. Profitability returned when an employee was replaced.

* Names substituted