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Payroll Services

Use our payroll services, and you can have more time to do what it is that you do best. We offer many payroll services, including direct deposit or paper checks, flexible payroll methods, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, monthly reports, and electronic transmission of taxes.

Our payroll services offer you:

  • Direct deposit or paper checks
  • Flexible payroll methods based on salaries, hours, or commissions
  • Quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
  • Monthly reports for your records
  • Electronic transmission of taxes

Savings from using our payroll services:

  • More time to do what you do best
  • No payroll tax penalties with tax impounding
  • Professional resource for retirement plans
  • Networking resource for legal and personal matters

Success Story

Dawn's* problem concerned underpayment of payroll taxes. We helped her set up a weekly budget to manage her money and stop the growing problem. Next we set up payment plans with the government to resolve the delinquent taxes. Dawn stayed on the same budget after the taxes were paid and now enjoys a consistent salary and receives no more threats of liens and levies. 

* Name substituted